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Record player setup help?

Im purchasing a sony LX300 turntable and i have small speakers with an aux input cable attached to play music on my phone. If I buy a female aux to male rca cables and plug directly into my record player will the sound quality be ok?

4 Answers

  • 9 months ago

    Actually all your questions are answered Here:

    The TURNTABLE'S output from its RCA jacks need to match the inputs (left and right channel) of the powered speakers you are using, if any. If your speakers are not powered, you will need an amplifier. IF you have some sort of stereo pin jack INPUT on them (it), then yes, you would need an appropriate plug adapter. If your powered speakers do not have a volume control, you will get what you get, as a turntable does not supply a volume control. You would need to adjust this from the powered speakers or whatever listening device you are attached to. You would not be able to listen by say, directly attaching earphones somehow to the turntable. Generally the USB connection is on a TURNTABLE for playback through receivers equipped with that plug type input. Turntables natively output sound altered to an RIAA sound curve, so unless your phone or the turntable itself has a phono preamp built in to restore the sound, you would additionally require the purchase of a separate phono stage pre-amp. The fact that there is an attached USB cable OUTPUT affixed to the turntable suggests it has a built in pre-amp however.

    Turntables are pretty obvious devices that simply convert needle vibrations to analog electrical output of very low level. The needle is attached to a CARTRIDGE that does this, and one is usually included in most mid-level turntable packages.

    A RECORD PLAYER, alternately, is generally an all-in-one device including a turntable,Its tonearm, fixed with some type of cartridge, a pre-amplifier, and an amplifier, and usually speakers, and can play records stand alone without attachment to anything but wall power. Such may also include at the manufacturers option, a headphone jack. A turntable alone is considered a PERIPHERAL, or add-on device, meaning it is not expected to work on its own, but within a system.

    Adapters are available for almost any analog connector, as such is just a change in plug type. HDMI and such outputs are digital, not analog, and those numerical signals need decoding back into analog waveform format in order to play it through analog INPUTS. The prcess, called Digital to Analog Conversion, is oddly enough, performed by something called a DAC.

    Turntable purchases need to be approached carefully, since as peripherals, they may or may not be affixed with several needed devices. This is for two reasons. One, because many peripheral buyers want to mix and match elements of the device on their own, such as a particular cartridge they like better, or a tonearm they are fond of, or wish to attach a particularly fine phono pre-amp. The other is because a manufacturer does not know whether you already have a pre-amp, or one built in to your Stereo system, and probably do not want to pay for another one just because.You need to buy for your needs, and future purchase expectations.

    Someone here knows nothing about audio, but thinks they do, so be wary.

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  • 9 months ago

    No. You do not get decent sound from records unless you have a high quality stereo system. If you have something otherwise, you might as well plug your phone into those speakers and the sound quality would be just as good, except without all the clicks and pops from dust on the record.

    The vast majority of people buying record players, turntables and "vinyls" today just do it for the sheer novelty of it. The sound quality is not nearly as good as a CD - never has been. I know, I'm old. I remember the days before CDs, cassette tapes and even 8-tracks. If you wanted to listen to recorded music in those days, it was either reel to reel tape or records. When CDs came out, I gave away my turntable.

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  • 9 months ago

    Since we have no idea what specific small speakers you have, there's no way to guess.

    Note that this turntable has USB and standard stereo audio outputs, so you will either need a connector that uses one of those two types at the end that plugs into the turntable.

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  • 9 months ago

    Back in the day, the phono input on stereo receivers was qualitatively different than the other inputs were. That said, turntable manufacturers are probably well aware that today's consumers might not have access to true phono-ready equipment.

    Back then, mismatching the source and the input sounded terrible. The other sources might be a cassette deck, a reel-to-reel deck, a dedicated AM/FM tuner, and perhaps even a microphone or guitar. There were, however, standalone phono preamps that would turn the signal into something the other inputs would have no problem with.

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