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10 dpo help?

Alright so if i had implantation bleeding at 9dpo (yesterday) when would be a good time for me to test and actually get a positive. I tested this morning but didnt really get anything.

Also how would i tell if it was implantation? It was a light pink color with alittle bit of brown near it. Ive been feeling off and having slight white and thick discharge.

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    You test when you miss a period. If it's negative then and still no period, wait until three weeks after sex. How did you determine ovulation? If it's been about 18+ days after showing an ovulation BBT pattern on your chart and you haven't gotten a positive or a period, you can see your doctor.

    Even if you get a positive, you can't determine that the spotting was IB. Implantation is the least common cause of mid-cycle spotting. And it doesn't matter either way. Either you're pregnant or not you're not. No need to know for certain which hormone change caused a single drop of blood.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Late period + 1 week.

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  • Jill
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    5 months ago

    You should wait until your period is due. While many pregnancy tests say that you can take them before you missed your period, this is typically only a day or two before.

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    • Tri-Harder
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      5 months agoReport

      And that's only in LAB TESTING, not actual use. EDT have an enormous rate of false negative, even long after a missed period. And why do you think you ovulated a week after you came off birth control?

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