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What's the best Myer-Briggs Personality quiz for someone whose result changes frequently?

Basically, I cannot be typed. I've gotten:

ENFP, INFP, INFJ, ISFP, ISFJ, ISTP, ISTJ. Most of them within days of each other (except ENFP, that was ages ago). The only thing I'm sure of is that I'm an introvert. I've taken 16personalities so many times and get different things every time. I've tried others and can't get anything truly consistent.

I don't even necessarily need a quiz. Just some write up that helps you pick or something. I'm lost at this point.

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  • 6 months ago

    There is none as you are noticing the results are not static for the majority, nor can they be reproduced. This invalidates the test in its entirely according to and relevant scientific standard. They might as well say their quiz works on voodoo.

    You can go to and journal you look and read about how it has been debunked. Or here is a quick popularized explanation:


    Myers Briggs was developed to be a profitable career assessment test. Then the general public started believing it was a great tool to judge personality from + they always had fancy literature or websites - society loves that stuff.,

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  • 6 months ago

    There is only one Meyer's Briggs test and you need to report your (Masters degree-level) licensure number to obtain it. If you mean you did a bunch online, the answer to your question is some schmuck who has no idea what he's doing made up a random test of 5 questions on Myspace and it's all bullshit.

    The test isn't infallible but the online quizzes are nothing but fallible.

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