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How to know if a guy is interested in me vs. Is being friendly?

He is a guy in my school ( a year ahead of me) and we met previously at a party and we chatted for a bit. Now whenever he sees me at school he always says hi and he tried to talk to me once about school. Yesterday, I was at the library reading and when I looked up I noticed he was looking at me, so he waved and smiled. Is he trying to be friend or is he interested

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    are you interested in him? if your interested then do something if you're no then just don't worry, if he is interested then he'll do something if he's not then he just wants to be friends. you shouldn't wonder if your friends like you or not, they're friends and if he wants something more he'll have to ask, same on your side. I just personally don't like the method of dropping hints, it can sometimes work but most of the time it just makes people nervous if they think they are receiving hints or they are just overanalyzing.

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  • Benny
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    Walk by him and drop a note saying "Would you like to insert your p**** in my v***** and move it back and forth in a rhythmic fashion?"

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