Move to the people I love or the place I love?

I’ll be graduating college this year and just got to thinking where I want to end up after then. I spent a year in an off-campus program in DC and absolutely loved the place! Despite all the opportunities there, I often got very lonely and anxious not having friends there to create experiences with. Remembering how paralyzing that had felt, I’m wondering if DC is even worth considering if I’m going to constantly feel alone all over again, nearly all my friends and family living on the west coast. So now I wonder if I’d be better off going to a place that I’m not as fond of but is where (or close to where) some familiar faces are. Would love to hear some answers from people who have been in my shoes, and if you ended up in a new place by yourself how you made friends? Thanks in advance!

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  • Foofa
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    11 months ago

    Or consider the third option and that is that you might have some social problems that some counseling would mitigate. If the idea of having to make new friends is "paralyzing" you're not operating within the standard range of human emotion. Sadly for us humans what we do professionally is ultimately far more important than whom we hang out with on weekends. So get some help for your social anxiety and then you'll be in a better place to make the right decisions for yourself.

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