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Do you think he cheated?

I was With my partner for 14 years got married for 8 months.. he started being distant with me always on his phone, going to work at Night saying it was a call out,which he never did for the two years he worked there . He was going for walks at 2am in the morning etc one day he said he does and don’t want to be with me.. we were both upset I was completely devastated,I loved him so much..He eventually left me and I was heartbroken, I couldn’t eat sleep think or do anything without thinking what I did wrong for him to do this.. all I ever done was make him happy and love him, anyway he left me and his children.. Next day I found out by a phone bill that he was messaging a new girl the next day he was talking to her day and night.. I was trying to speak to him to save our Marriage pleading with him I would do anything for him to come back home, and he ignored me and just told me to get on with it as if I meant nothing to him at all..I found out he met her from his work place anyway I confronted him asked if he had been unfaithful and he said no, anyway he’s with this girl now in a relationship.. I’ve asked him to just tell me the truth.. he had done this before years ago but not as bad but did go with another women from his old work place.. question is am I wrong to think he was with her behind my back.. and yes I no now I was stupid to forgive him last time.. it’s just so hard when you truly love someone and I just wanted to be a family

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    Definitely had a work affair and chose her over you and your kids. File those divorce papers girl u don’t need him.

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    You picked the wrong guy so file for divorce ASAP and just try to get on with life. Unless you're 40+ you made the mistake of assuming that years spent together before adulthood actually count for something. They don't. People who hook up as children often fall into a pattern of complacency before they even understand their own needs and desires. When they reach full brain development they're inclined to have more perspective on the decisions they made before they were capable of making them. He's correcting that mistake in his own mind and you won't be able to move on until you too can view this whole thing as a mistake on your part too.

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      It’s not a mistake as I have my children.We did have some great memories... He’s not correcting any mistake he’s a womaniser + attention seeker. he will soon get bored and move on to the next, I don’t think it matters what age you got together as people age 40+ can still be immature for there age

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