Neighbor licking infants ear.. pedophile?

At a bday party, I was sitting next to a dad holding his 9 month old girl when I saw him start tounging the girls ear in a very disturbing way, the way you would during sex with your wife. I actually nearly vomited and looked away. Another neighbor lady commented about the face the baby made when he did it, no one else noticed. I found this extremely unsettling. What do you think about this?

They have a two year old boy and four year old girl as well. I’ve brought my 3 year old over for playdAtes before a few times. After one, we had a new mother’s helper come and she was playing with my son, and I hear her telling him no and stop and I don’t like that.. turned out he was trying to lick her. I was shocked and couldn’t imagine where he got that idea from. Well at the next play date I caught their daughter doing that to him inside a playhouse. The daughter tries to get other kids cornered and hurt them when her mom isn’t looking.

And after the last time, we came home and my son said while he went upstairs with the kids to see their rooms he went in the bathroom and “ Charlotte asked why my penis is bigger than jacks( the two year old)”.So we haven’t returned. Do these not seem like some red flags something is going on with this family? Or am I being overly paranoid. Everything else seems normal with them, dads in the navy and wife is a sahm and they’re very friendly and keep a nice home. I just have a bad feeling and am curious what others would think about these things

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Oh look, its the panty troll back with a new pedo fetish. Dude you are NOT fooling anyone with your disturbing child incest stories. This is just absolutely gross.

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  • 5 months ago

    sounds like sleepy joe biden..............

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