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Can you help me with English plz?

We all have our measures of how obscenely normalized domestic terror has become. At TIME, one is how frequently we have felt compelled to devote our cover to the subject.

1. "ONE" is how frequently.... Who is ONE? I need to know what is ONE in this case?

2. What do these words "compelled" and 'devote" mean in this case?


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  • Dave
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    6 months ago
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    "one" here is short for "one [measure]"; the "measure" has been omitted in sentence no. 2, but is supposed to be understood by the reader. 2. 'compelled' means 'pushed into' or 'pushed toward'; 'devote' here is a fancier word for the notion of 'turning our cover over to...', and in this case it's being "turned over" to show something about 'domestic terror'.

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  • A.J.
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    6 months ago

    One as in number one, not individual person. The word "one" in the second sentence refers to "measures" rather than "we". Compelled is a little less than forces and somewhat more than leads. From "The Omen" - "The power of Christ compels you!" Soldiers are compelled to obey orders from superior officers.

    Devote = give all or a large part of one's time or resources to (a person, activity, or cause)

    I can devote my day to shopping.

    The cover of Time magazine gets a selected subject of importance.

    It gets devoted to a subject.


    People have ways to show how common mass shootings have become. At Time Magazine, our [one] way to show it is how often we believed we had to give our cover page to the subject of mass shootings.

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  • 6 months ago

    One = first (the number 1), compelled = obligated, devote = frequently use

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