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What place can I find the BEST tasting pizza place in Brooklyn, New York? 🍕🏙?

I might be going to Brooklyn for Christmas break this year to stay with family and I love pizza a lot so I want to know where the nearest pizza place there. New York is known for their best pizza and this is my first time ever going to New York so I gotta eat some when I go. If you’ve ever been to Brooklyn, NY where can I find the best pizza places? Manhattan is close since it’s part of the 5 boroughs so I might pass there too. Thank you.

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    I not vegan, but I'm vegan food addicted.

    Best place are Screamers Pizza, vegan pizza place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn (next to Nassau Av (G) Station), vegan pizza popular by non-vegan as well.They also have Crown Heights location too.

    Also New York Suprema at 8th Av/31st-30th Sts has best vegan pizza.

    Kiss My Slice Pizza's Beyond Meat/NuMu Cheese at 40th St/8th Av, and 1st Av/57th St has best pizza.

    Oith Pizza at 3rd Av/67th St as well.

    RIzzo Fine Pizza in Astoria (near Steinway St (M)(R) Station has good vegan pizza too.

    3 Brother Pizza is also has best vegan pizza if you want to travel to Farmingdale (vegan option), Rockville Centre (vegan option), Leona & Feona- lynbrook (vegan option), Copiague (vegan place)

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  • Joseph
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    6 months ago

    I have a cousin who lives in Los Angeles and was visiting New York. He was staying with his other relatives in Canarsie section of Brooklyn. When I came over to see him we went out for some pizza. As we crossed the street he turned towards a Pizza Hut and I was like "Dude, where do you think you're going? Any corner pizza joint here is better than Pizza the Hutt." (Spaceballs reference.)

    Anyway, there are 2.5 million people living in Brooklyn; if you ask them about the best pizza place, you will get 5 million opinions. While Grimaldi's does serve great pizza, it has become something of a tourist trap with prices to match and long waits for a table. It is right under the Brooklyn Bridge and most tourists don't venture further afield. Of trivial note, an English pop group Bananarama shot the video for its 1983 hit It's a Cruel Summer on that block.

    Try Totonno's on Neptune Avenue and West 16th Street. The place has been there since 1924! Take any train that goes to the Coney Island - Stillwell Avenue Station, exit toward Mermaid Avenue, walk north on Stillwell to Neptune and turn left. Check the hours of operation, the place is not open every day.

    Also, try a couple of corner slices of Grandma's or Sicilian pizza (or one of each) and then some spumoni at L&B Spumoni Gardens, another old fashioned pizza and ice cream place, on 86th Street and West 10th Street. Take the N train to 86th Street Station.

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  • MS
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    6 months ago

    Grimaldi's is probably the most famous in Brooklyn, and it's definitely become a tourist attraction as a result. Juliana's is similar, and very good. If you go into Manhattan, my favorite is at Lombardi's.

    There is a company that does a Brooklyn pizza tour, but I think you only stop at a few pizza places - you see a lot of Brooklyn though.

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  • 6 months ago

    Juliana's in DUMBO gets my vote

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  • 6 months ago

    Go to your local supermarket and pop a frozen one out of the case.

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