Why do customer service companies ALWAYS have less workers on Sunday?

It's a freakin' weekend day. Do they not understand their own service levels?

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  • 12 months ago

    Less callers or customers too...

  • nt
    Lv 6
    12 months ago

    Specifically what companies? Most staff for expected customer level. But sometimes people call in sick.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Customer Service is Not for ordinary people, it is for Professionals.

    They expect to receive complaints from other business persons who are at work, not the Home Body. so Limited service is available after hours.

  • 12 months ago

    Low level positions are often filled by a younger, unreliable crowd. They may be more likely to call in "sick" on the weekends when they have things to do. It's not their life-long job, after all ...it's just something to do for the time being.

    As a consumer, I typically stay away from doing "business" things on Saturdays and Sundays. And I expect delays and long waits on the rare occasion that I attempt it.

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  • 12 months ago

    Who wants to work Sundays? Lol

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