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My co-worker w/OCD pouts & complains whenever he has to do messenger or post office run. Is that because of his OCD, or is he a prima donna?

I am a file clerk at a firm. A clerk in my department who has OCD, tends to con me into going to post office (walking distance) or on messenger run.

1. If a co-worker asks him, he tells him/her to ask me, as if only I’m in charge of that. Then he’ll be nonchalantly cool w/me like nothing happened, & sometimes later ask if I want to go to a bar.

2. The clerks, our supervisor, & the receptionist all wear walkie talkies. If a co-worker requests messenger to supervisor, & he relays that request to OCD clerk, he won’t respond, but then says “yes” after supervisor asks again, “Copy?”, as he was obviously pouting. If receptionist relays request to him, he’ll ask rhetorically, “I have to go where?!”

3. If receptionist pages all 3 clerks “File clerks, come in,” he never responds, as he’s obviously afraid it will be messenger-related, and will therefore be stuck doing it rather than sound unprofessional by denying request. So he only responds if receptionist says “File clerks, come in. Can anybody do [such ‘n such INSIDE the office]?” THEN he happily responds.

He’s been working there for 3 yrs., so I wonder if his attitude is even acknowledged on his evaluations, & whether or not he gets bigger salary increases than me because of his OCD (detail-orientated). Does the file clerk supervisor and the HR manager know about his attitude regarding leaving the office? Keep in mind it’s hot in the subway stations and outside. I don’t mind doing runs, but it’s a team effort.


The 3rd file clerk in our dept. has repeatedly told him that he needs to stop complaining and do his fair share of going outside. But the OCD file clerk just looks at him silently with no defense, like a little kid who knows he did wrong, but continues to do it anyway. I’ve been there 7 years, and I never call in sick or come in late, as opposed to him. Also, everyone at the office appreciates how hard I work. And I never hesitate when asked to go on messenger run or post office.

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    6 months ago

    TIRED of stupid law firm clerks posting STUPID as hell questions.

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    6 months ago

    how many times are you planning to ask this

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