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Does this sound like a Hemorrhoid??

Does this sound like a Hemorrhoid?

Basically, every time I go for a poo, a small lump protrudes from my anus. It used to just pop back in on its own but now I’m having to push it back in myself. It hurts when I sit down or clench my bum cheeks when it’s protruding out, but if it’s not then I don’t feel anything.

I’m healthy and don’t feel ill or anything. I’ve had it since about November 2018.

However the only thing throwing me off is, it doesn’t bleed and I show no other symptoms apart from it protruding out every time I pass bowel movements.

Obviously no one can diagnose me online, but I’m embarrassed to go to the doctor about it

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  • Tavy
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    11 months ago

    It certainly does, my son gets this. You can buy hemmerhoid suppositories and creams from a pharmacist to help shrink it. The Doctor sees this every day it's so common.

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