How come so many people dont consider themselves racist but feel its fine to pay an asian or african person pennies for a days work?

I can understand keeping the money in your country for military reasons but thats not how people justify it. They justify it with nationalism. People in our country should be payed more because I share citizenship with them. if people weren't racist then wouldn't we have allies in africa?

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  • 11 months ago
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    Because it's economics, where the fact that you are attempting to tie it to race is what makes a person racist. Asians in the U.S. are the top income earners which should dispel your racist comment. Let me clarify this for you so that you might understand, would you rather pay $100 for a hamburger or 25 cents? Because money is a tool to be used, the less you spend of what you have, the more you will have for future purchases. Labor is no different than that hamburger, if people are willing to accept 25 cents/hour, you have more money left to hire more people and invest into the business. What people get paid has nothing to do with the military or nationalism, it has to do with what people are "willing" to accept as compensation. Because economies are all different, a $1000/month in Mexico has you living like a king, where in San Francisco, you'll be living in a tent and going to food shelters. China employees can accept far less wages than the U.S. because their government subsidizes and manipulates their currency to draw in plenty of business. Generally the rule is that you get paid according to how much revenue you produce. This is why an actor or sports figure can command much higher wages, their fame sells gross amounts of product, where their fraction is probably the same fraction that a fast food worker gets, where if the famous person endorses a fast food restaurant, it could mean millions of dollars of revenue, but what kind of revenue can the burger flipper produce? Your ideology is socialistic, where you desire equal outcome regardless of the worth of services. The end result will be that producers will lose interest to produce if their products will just be stolen by the socialistic government and redistributed to some slob who doesn't care to produce. People are not equal and equal opportunity, not equal outcome is what produces drive that makes people get up and take action in hopes of becoming successful from the fruits of their labor. There can never be a living wage for all based on our current economic system because a person, no matter how rich or how poor, only receives a fraction of the income produced for their services due to the "other" costs of delivering the final product or services to market. This means the bottom income earners can never have a living wage because all other products and services will cost more per hour than they earn since their income is a fraction of what they produce and they produce at the bottom. What this means is you must obtain skills that are more valuable, so that you aren't earning the minimum and can begin to afford a living by yourself. None of this is "race" based unless you are a racist and attempt to wrongly tie it to race.

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  • Foofa
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    11 months ago

    Some in my country, the US, have embarked on the challenge to buy only domestically produced products only to find that few exist. When the place you live has little manufacturing you’re often forced to buy what’s available.

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    There are the economic reason. During WW2 countries had to grow more food at home, so ships could deliver war items instead of food. Do you believe the people should Not have grown food and home and starved instead?

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