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Why are the people who most use social media and smartphones,the most lonely, isolated & anxious? Isn't social media supposed to connect ppl?

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    Real communication is impossible within the format in which social media operates (a relentless "vomit" of fragments, each one invalidating the former).

    The thing is: social media companies don't care if you're "connected" or live under a rock. "Making people connected" is just the official, feel-good slogan to look ethical and useful (in fact, calling these "boards of random stuff" "social" was a master marketing maneuver). Their business is moving pieces of data to and fro, as many as possible, intermingling them with the advertisements that make them a boatload of money. Social media, as many of the things that came with the internet revolution, are a created need -a vice, in my view; what do you get out of it except petty excitements and ADD?-. In the beginning an army of advertisement gurus and spin doctors worked day and night to force feed people into it: "you need this because..." But if you depend on those blinking rectangles of colors to be "connected", well, good luck with that...

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      Brilliant. hank you

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