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The default user template on my Windows 10 laptop has access to the local account picture folder. How can this be prevented?

I am assuming that, if the settings are not changed, service staff will be able to view private photos without a password when the machine is goes in for a repair.

Don t know how the folder came to be shared in the first place.

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    If there is something private, keep it in another folder that is protected, not the standard picture folder.

    If the pictures are really private, keep them on a portable drive, separate from the comupter.

    Your assumption that service staff can view anything on a computer is reasonable. Even things that are password-protected or encrypted in some cases.

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    No one can log into the Default User profile as it is what windows loads before login. Not sure how this affects things, but it's a non-issue really.

    Glad you got it sorted....

  • Fred
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    "Default user template" means nothing. You will have to explain more!

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