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My tiny stye popped.. help.?

I have a stye. Not like the big ones you see on google images. It was very tiny. It popped when I was doing warm compression on it with a Q tip and now I’m worried that it might spread or get worse which will course it to get big like the ones you see on google images. Iv been looking after it by making sure I clean my face and eyes with mild soap and warm water. Iv not warm eye makeup. And I’m cleaning my eyes 2 times a day by using optrex muti eye cleaner. Iv had the stage for about 4 days now and I’m worried iv just made it worst by popping it. Can anyone tell me how to avoid it getting worse and what is the healing process. I start university in three weeks and will actually die if I have to go in with a golf ball looking eye.

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    Flush your eye out with salt water a few times a day. You can make it yourself... it won't hurt you

    Just boil a couple of cups of water, add 2 tablespoons of salt stir it til it dissolves. Keep it in a clean container or jar and use it.

    The eye wash we get at the store is the same thing, only 100 times more expensive

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    i would go see your doctor and get it checked out or go to the er

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    Go to the pharmacy and get some stye drops or ointment. If it doesn't help, go to the doctor.

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