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It's TRUE that after passing 40 DAYS STARVING UNDER THE SUNi OF DESERT JESUS came back proclaiming he was the SON OF GOC?

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    A human being, alone in the desert, with no water and no food, will rapidly dehydrate and die within 5 days without water, and in about three weeks without food.

    The only possible way to survive against a desert sun is to dig sleeping trenches perpendicular to the path of the sun during the early morning, sleep through the day, and travel at night. The trenches ensure that you are in shade all day except at the noon hour, thus minimizing your loss of water through sweat.

    Water can be obtained by digging a solar still, but you need an oiled cloth, a bucket, and a straw of some sort to do so. The heat of the sun collects under the tarp, evaporating the ground moisture, which then condenses on the underside of the tarp, dripping down into the bucket.

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    No, because prior to starting that period in the desert, God the Father pronounced Jesus to be His Son at Jesus' baptism. Satan tried, in the desert, to temp Jesus with the idea that He might not be the Son of God: "If you are the Son of God, turn these stones into bread." But Jesus already knew whose Son He was and did not doubt it for the Father had assured Him before He went into the wilderness.

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    I think starving would focus the mind.

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    Jesus is God. A person can know many truths about His 40-day fast by reciting the rosary each day with care.

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    TRUMP qualified because Melania hasn't let him touch her in 40 days.

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    No, he never claimed to be related to Goc.

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  • There is a blessing in the Old Testament that says, "May the Good Lord bless you and keep you. And may His countenance shine upon you."

    In addition don't forget He was made in God's image.

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    Yea - Every word of the bible is true especially talking donkeys

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