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Can you contract an STD from sharing a drink?

I have a male co worker .. who is a hoe. He has numerous sex partners, in & outside of work. I know 4 of his of his sex partners , & two even openly admitted to contracting Trichomoniasis after having unprotected sex with him! His girlfriend is literally on back page & does “work”out of a hotel, again, openly admitting this. & the last partner I know of is another co worker of mine, who I believe should go get checked. (I went in the bathroom shortly after her & it smelt like a bunch of foolishness...) it’s disgusting! So anyway, I had a cup of juice with a straw. The guy picked up and tried my drink. I said he could have it & went and got another (same kind) drink lol. After a while I ended up picking up and drinking out of the wrong cup! I drank out of my original cup.. that he drank out of. So my question is... could I have contracted any STD’s or STI’s? Especially HIV? He admitted to getting tested & not going back after his doctor called saying they found something in his blood test! I’ve already scheduled an oral test being that I haven’t been sexually active & I’ve been tested since the last time I was.

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    There are 219 virus species that are known to be able to infect humans. drinking after someone or passing a joint, can be called sharing; however you can catch many dangerous diseases like cholera, tuberculosis, or herpes.

    it is the mucus membrane that allows for easy entry of diseases. recently scientists found that HPV or human papillomavirus can be spread orally.

    It's the most common sexually transmitted infection. HPV is usually harmless and goes away by itself, but some types can lead to cancer or genital warts.

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    Not sure to be honest

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    not as far as i am aware

  • Are you actually stupid or is this a joke question

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    I told you before, STDs are called STDs because they are contracted by sex. You can get a cold or flu from sharing a drink, but not chlamidia or genital herpes or gonorrhea. And definitely not HIV. The HIV virus requires bodily fluids to enter through some kind of abrasion, or tear. That's why gay men are more likely to get it. Women can get it from having sex with infected men, but it's less likely because the walls of the vagina are stronger and less likely to become torn during sex, so the skin barrier keeps the virus out. It's really not that easy to contract. If it were, we'd all have it.

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    ha. get a life

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    No I don’t think you can

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    nope, as your stomach acids are WAY too strong from germs and viruses .........

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