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cyclist has right of way for crossing the road in pedestrian lane?

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    Sometimes. In lieu of an overriding local law, pedestrians usually have the right-of-way in a crosswalk. Bicycles are vehicles, they are not pedestrians. Which leaves bicycles in a crosswalk an undefined quantity.

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    In the UK yes and cyclist are not really allowed to cycle on most pedestrian lanes but it's a use your common sense thing. I mean I've cycled on busy pedestrian pavements but it's a very slow walking pace cycle and it's to cross with pedestrians and no one cares, police could be right there and not even bud an eye. It's really a "you shouldn't be here but it's cool if your careful and slow down" unspoken rule. Of course some people take the piss

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    Lots of interpretation issues. First you should never be riding on sidewalks. The pedestrian areas are for walkers, not riders. Drivers are expecting to see walkers, moving at walking speed. The are not prepared for cyclists riding at high speed suddenly appearing in this area. It is dangerous.

    In most states a cyclist is a ‘vehicle’ and must adhere to the same rules as an Automobile. This means riding on the streets and not using pedestrian walkways.


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    Could be. Depending on where you live (or for which country you ask), of course.

    For Germany, first of all, a cyclist is forbidden to ride on a pedestrian path. But, on the one hand, there are mixed pedestrian/cycle paths, and on the other, this prohibition doesn't chage his rights with respect to other vehicles.

    But since you ask about "crossing the road", then I would (over here) assume you are talking about a crosswalk. Now, there are crosswalks and there are crosswalks. A lot of them are regulated by traffic lights, but then the issue doesn't occur since the traffic lights regulate priority.

    So a crosswalk without traffic lights, or "Zebra walk", where pedestrians per default have priority over the vehicle traffic on the road. This is where it becomes interesting. If the cyclist is riding the bike, then he's also a vehicle. As such, he's not permitted on the pedestrian path, and if he chooses to cross the road at such a crosswalk, has no specific rights - same as if he would cross the road at any other place.

    If, however, the cyclist gets off and pushes his bike, then he becomes a pedestrian and as such would have priority in this special case.

    Yes, German trafffic law for cyclists is complicated - don't even start the discussion about which traffic lights a cyclist has to obey in which situation.

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  • 12 months ago

    No way. Pedestrians have right of way unless there is a traffic light indicating different.

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    Sheesh... Please be more vague. Are you asking if a cyclist can use a pedestrian crosswalk? Or are you asking who has the right of way in a pedestrian crosswalk?

    Cyclists should be on the STREET, not a pedestrian crosswalk, unless they're pushing the bike. If the pedestrian has the "WALK" sign - they have the right of way.

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  • 12 months ago

    Your question is somewhat vague. Perhaps English isn't your native language and you should've gotten an interpreter to help you with this question.

    Bicycles are legally considered vehicles in the USA. If a crossing is controlled by pedestrian crossing lights vehicles must yield to pedestrians in a crossing.

    If a crossing is controlled by traffic lights then pedestrians must yield to through traffic.

    If you're talking about a shared pedestrian/cycling lane; cyclist must yield to pedestrians. If you're talking about a a bicycle lane; pedestrians must walk facing cycling traffic and move out of the way of cyclist, similar to what's required when pedestrians are using roads with no sidewalks.

    Source(s): Motorized Bicycle Owner and Builder.
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    12 months ago

    Are you trying to ask if cyclists have priority over pedestrians at pedestrian crossings? If so then the answer is no, pedestrians always have priority over cyclists at crossings without traffic lights and when the lights are on red or amber for any traffic.

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