Was it a reality,way-back-in-day,that victims of the U.S.A deep-South racism lacked the capacity, to recognise that evil,for what it was?

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  • 12 months ago
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    What is seen as evil with hindsight is not always seen as evil when it happens. Will future generations look back on our pollution of the planet and call it evil? I suspect they will.

    There was a genuine belief, supported by the church and their interpretation of the bible, that non-whites were an inferior kind of 'animal' put on earth by god to serve the white people. Whites could do their Christian duty and repay god by converting these 'inferior beings' to Christianity by whatever means it took. These ideas are abhorrent to us now but they were genuinely believed by many at the time. If the church said it was so, you'd have to brave man to say any different.

    Enlightenment comes slowly to some people, especially if they have a vested interest in perpetuating the evil. Only an enlightened man would free slaves and treat them with respect but enlightenment takes time and a willingness to stand up to received wisdom. If that fails, it takes force to compel slave owners to do the right thing.

    That is what happened in the case of slavery. It is also likely to be the case when it comes to the widespread pollution of our planet. Many choose to deny the evil because they have a vested interest in an easy life where future generations have to deal with their cr@p. What is evil and immoral is often a matter of perspective.

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    A civil war is coming between whites and blacks remember that

  • 12 months ago

    I'm pretty sure the victims realized that they were being mistreated because white people considered them as less than human.

    I have to correct the common misperception about the 3/5s of a person thing in the census. That was a compromise- the north didn't want the slaves counted at all, because that would give southern states more representatives in the Congress. The south wanted them counted- in order to increase their representation.

  • 12 months ago

    Again Blacks coming to Jews for help...

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  • blu
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    12 months ago

    America (the US) was founded on slavery.

    I'm sure the Brits had a field day when they read the DOI (all men created equal) but the American position was, Blacks were a sub human species. It was determined slaves counted as 3/5 of a person f/ the 1787 Constitutional Convention. Slavery was inextricably tied to the agrarian South's economy while it had largely outlived it's utility in the industrial north. The war was about abolition of slavery in a country that remained hugely racist considering Blacks inferior.

    Once the slaves were freed, the bridges across racism were built one brick at a time as noteworthy Blacks like GW Carver, Jack Johnson, Louis Armstrong, Jesse Owens etc. began debunking the myth of white supremacy.

    Black equality didn't surface as a political priority until the mid 1950s.

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