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I feel the relationship with my older brother is one-sided. I need advice.?

I have a brother who is 9 nine years older than me and we used to be really tight. He would watch over me to make sure nobody was messing with me when I was kid which was good. But as we grew older, things have become different.

When he was struggling financially & he had problems with his girlfriend, I would try to be there for him with advice and love. When he was scared to start his own business, I was rooting for him & I told him that I believed in him & now he is very successful. But he always criticises me & is generally unhelpful. I made him the Best Man at my wedding but he did the bare-minimum which lead us to not talking for 1 and half years. He now owns 4 properties and I don't own 1 but when I ask him how to get into the game, he's very coy and unhelpful.

Now I'm trying to start my own business like him & rather than root for me, he makes jokes and in his words has 'left me alone to figure it out.' He's always put my cousins and his friends before me, loaning them money & giving them advice but won't help me. Over the years, I've tried to explain how I feel & he either dismisses it or says 'we weren't raised to have feelings.' I love my brother & I'm proud of his success but I'm tired of his attitude towards me. What do you think?

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    Your attitude toward YOURSELF is more important. Many people look up to and depend upon older siblings for advice, but they don't always give it.

    If you want something, go for it with a positive attitude telling yourself it's going to happen. Because what we believe in this life, we make true.

    And i'm sure there is a lot of great information on the internet about how to start a business and how to manage one.

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    No one likes to take "advice" from a sibling who is nine years younger. Your brother may feel that he's completed his job as the older brother, now it's time to handle things on your own. You don't need his advice on "how to get in the game." You should be able to do your own research on how to start a business.

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    maybe you should talk to him about it and tell him how you feel

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