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If according to THE BIBLE "tHE LAST will be the FIRST" what's the point on doing ANY EFFORT?

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    How about those Christian theologist who interpreted that .

    It's so simple pre- Sunday Schooler's could get it . Of all the parables that one was the easiest .

    No one deserves salvation more for any reason and all deserve equal salvation because salvation is not earned but given . Jesus Christ Christians - Do you need atheist to teach you Christian doctrine ?

  • 4 months ago

    Because sloth is also a sin.

  • 4 months ago

    Strangely you are closer than you realise although that is obviously not what you intend.

    It is God's work that should be sort and your own woks ceased from.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    It means If a person is greedy and doing what will get them lots of money ____ they may seem first; yet are more likely to end up in Hell.

    If someone is not rich with money, yet is "rich" with GOD and Loving others; they are the ones that will get to Heaven!

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  • sarah
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    4 months ago

    It was talking about the resurrection. When the meek inherit the earth. After the great tribulation the resurrection of the righteous occurs to live forever on earth. Those who died last will rise up first. We will go back in time to Able. As the first good person. So your grand mother will return and she will let you know your relatives that come later.

  • 4 months ago

    It's not speaking individually. It's actually referring to Israel who were the first to hear the gospel, Jesus came to the Jews FIRST - and they disobeyed and rejected Him, so then He sent the disciples and Paul etc., to the Gentiles who were last and they ACCEPTED Christ - so although they were LAST to come into the Kingdom, they are FIRST because many of the Jews are STILL on the outside looking in and STILL haven't accepted Christ as King of the Jews and their personal Saviour.

    That's why one has to be born again to really understand the spiritual messages being portrayed in the Bible. You can't just read the print and understand the Bible - it's a spiritual book and needs to be understood by a spiritual mind because it's foolishness to the unregenerated and unsaved mind of natural mankind

    • Snowbird
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      Thumbs down cannot change those facts. God has said and God has written it in His Word, so you can't change that by TD

  • 4 months ago

    I interpret that to mean the one who is most humble and lowly will be honoured first

    I do not interpret that to mean the least deserving is honoured first

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