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My hamster jumped?

I went to get my hamster out to just have him sit on my hand to get used to me a bit more and he went in fine then jumped and landed on my floor, i was sat on the floor so he was about 40cm off the floor, if that. When he landed he seemed okay, he landed on all 4s and just walked around like nothing happened. He's also been climbing his cage since I've got him and been falling / jumping off. Is there anything I should worry about? He seems to be consistently biting the cage where he knows the door is, is that a sign?

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  • 11 months ago

    Yea, they are going to do that. They like their feet on the ground and a poor judge of height and will jump 20 foot to their doom. You must be careful of long falls. 40 Cm is not that far, likely no harm even to a hard floor.

    The biting is in attempt to escape, possibly his cage is smaller than he likes or has no amenities for enrichment's.

    They chew,,it is needed for healthy teeth, why they should also have chew toys and logs.

    A roomy running wheel, places to hide and sleep, perhaps a sand bath, over their food and water needs.

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    • Nathan
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      Dangerous, so letting him freeroam in a safe room or be in a playpen is great. He'll also need one area of his cabe with at least 10" of burrowing as they are fans of that, which is why the detolf is a better cage

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  • 11 months ago

    No, I'm sure he is fine. It doesn't found like he got hurt that badly. My hamster bites her cage too. It's not unusual.

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