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Brian asked in TravelAir Travel · 10 months ago

E-Visas, are the pretty much guaranteed and just a formality?Do you need a pre booked plane ticket before applying?

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  • Marty
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    10 months ago

    please ask your travel agent , depends on which

    country you are going to

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  • 10 months ago

    YOU DO NOT need pre booked ticket before you apply.

    True most e visas are approved as 99.99 % of travellers are honest and intend just to travel and visit and follow the the host place rules and go home when the visit is over.

    It can take time for approval and YOU DO NOT travel if not approved. You risk missing a flight if you do not have your approved e visa.before travel day.

    AIRLINE staff are not any country's Immigration department. They just decide if you can board the plane.

    NO visa NO boarding simple.

    Entrance to next country is decided by officials of that country when you present yourself. The can say NO and send you back.They usually do not.

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  • Greg
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    10 months ago

    Each country has its own rules and many of the rules depend upon you nationality.

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  • 10 months ago

    Several countries have implemented an e-visa system in an official website. Others plan to do it soon.

    Each country sets the conditions for issuing the e-visa.

    So the answer depends on the country you travel to. You must read the conditions for obtaining the e-visa of that country. You usually find the terms and conditions in the official e-visa website of the country. There is no fixed answer to your question.. Furthermore, these conditions (including issuance charge) are not necessarily the same as those related to issuance of a paper visa.

    An electronic visa (e-visa) or a paper visa is always just a formality. But the country can always decline to issue it. Furthermore, even when you have an e-visa or a paper visa, you may be prevented to enter the country if you do not meet the other (for instance health) entry conditions.

    World travel directory

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  • 10 months ago

    An e-visa is normally only available to citizens of countries the destination country normally admits w/o problems. That means while not "guaranteed" an e-visa application is always approved unless the destination country already has negative information on the applicant.

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  • 10 months ago

    i would call the airlines and ask them about it or immigration

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