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Kayla asked in HealthWomen's Health · 6 months ago

My period arrived 2 weeks late when I would have been ovulating. Is it possible I still am?

My period has been very consistent to the day for nearly three years. This month for some reason it came two weeks late, right around the date I would normally start ovulating. My period lasted 3 or 4 days as usual and I’m experiencing all the symptoms I do when I’m ovulating; the discharge, the cravings and increased appetite, and stomach distress. Is it possible I ovulated at the same time even though my period was 2 weeks late? Will my whole cycle change now? I am not on any birth control or medication that would affect my period. Thank you.

2 Answers

  • 6 months ago

    any major changes in your life recently?

    Stress? Changes in diet/exercise?

    Changes in Diet?

    Travel? Illness?

    Any of these can affect your Hormones

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  • 6 months ago

    There are no symptoms of ovulation and it isn't something that starts its a blip and its over. Educate yourself

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