Guy ditches me for another girl & keeps bragging about her even after she has dumped him!!?

there's an immature guy i met via twitter ,we are from same workplace.He was attracted to me since day 1 and he would praise me often in private but not in public...he would appreciate other girls in public though which is why i felt suspicious..& could not trust him. we are friends since 2 years & he never met me but he began saying that he wants to marry me..i told him honestly i have emotional issues due to family problems & i don;t want to date anyone.. but every now & then he would make me jealous by bragging about other hot girls. recently he began ignoring me after i told him about my abusive dad .when i said i don't like marriage at this moment he said he also dislikes commitment & can't talk to lover daily.. but immediately after he gets fed up with me ,he finds a new girl & keeps bragging about her beauty..even though she dumped him saying that she can't love anyone because her ex died recently.he is forcing her to marry him & they have not met till now...yesterday he asked me to block her because she might enquire about him. then he brags he had a fight with her & that he loves her so he needs my advice on how to get her back. he also tries to make me jealous by saying that he is so much in love with her.. why is he making me feel bad when i am upset about my life!!


i found out that he would lie that he is busy & can't talk when i would need his moral support in stressful times..he was instead busy with a girl & would call her daily !! this was really shattering & i can't trust this man anymore!! he also knows i want a love marriage & my abusive dad is forcing me to have an arrange marriage!! why did he reveal about his new gf when i told him my family pressurising me for marriage!!

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  • 6 months ago

    Block him. Jeez, he sounds insane. Why put yourself through all his dramas?

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