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Is a .22 caliber bullet strong enough to kill an adult male if pointed directly at the head (point blank range)?

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  • 6 months ago

    Yes. The 22 is actually more lethal than a bullet with more mass and firepower behind it. Any slug to the crucial parts of the brain can be fatal but it's possible for a heavier bullet to pass through the skull completely and be survivable. The 22 will enter the skull but doesn't have enough mass to exit, and will ricochet around inside the skull, causing fatal injury.

    I moved this because it's not a hunting question. You don't hunt adult male humans and if you were hunting an animal, you don't get to point blank range. If you could, my answer is the same. Because you didn't specify what you are shooting and it sure seemed like you were talking about a human, Mental Health was a reasonable choice.

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      Yeah thanks, I don't know why it put my question in the hunting category.

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