How come my friend doesn’t seem to appreciate her life in her hometown where she lives?

So my friend is in another state for a few days and already seems like she happy and living her best life. She hates her parents who cause drama or she thinks they do, she hates her college that’s she’s in. She complains that she’s sad and depressed and wants someone to be in her life but this person doesn’t want to be in her life. Her and I fight constantly when I am with her. She’s always crying. I feel bad for her but she seems really happy in another state right now with no problems. How come she doesn’t seem to appreciate what she has? She hates everything and everyone in her hometown. Do you think she’s ungrateful or why do you think she’s acting like this? Her parents give her everything she wants and still wants more from them including a $5,000 event that costs monlthy and her mom doesn’t want to pay for it anymore but my friend is crying and complaining everyday that she wants that thing that is $5,000 a month. This girl has everything and doesnt seem to appreciate it or why do you think she acts this way?

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  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    It's very typical to want to distance yourself from your hometown if conditions there disagree with you. It could just be conflict with her parents or it could be she really enjoys the independence of living away from them. TBH you sound a bit envious that she's moving on in life and you're apparently still in this hometown.

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  • 11 months ago

    Maybe because of where she lives, like the environment. Soon we will be able to live in peace and enjoy where ever we are. Isaiah 65:22-25

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