Jackson Hole: Does Jerome Powell needs to address interest rates,Wall St. signals, China trade,stimulus,Mr Trump's sniping, or can he coast.?

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  • 12 months ago
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    No. The Fed needs to use interest rates cuts when we are in a confirmed recession, not now. If they cut rates now, they don't have the tools to slow down the fall, which would then send us into a depression. Leave the economy to the grownups and go watch Trump suck his thumb.

  • 12 months ago

    The reason to very gradually begin to increase federal interest rates in small increments after a recession ends is to battle inflation. Tantrum-throwing disasters-causing Trump wants to postpone the necessary and inevitable smart moves by the Fed in order to buy time and hurriedly (frantically) cover up the ever-expanding signs of fiscal messes he has made---as he did in his privileged-brat toddlerhood where he rarely had any consequences for his very bad behaviors.

    "Everything Trump Touches Dies" (2019) by Republican strategist Rick Wilson; "The Making of Donald Trump" (2016) by David Cay Johnston.

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