Problems with my college professor/should I drop this class?

I am taking culinary arts at a technical college. The issue is the teacher is mean and I already have C in his class.I have been there for 2 weeks. His boss is a lot nicer than him. When he goes over material he goes to quick and when we go over it in the same class period he gets upset because I do not know all the steps. Second, I wore a dress on the 2nd day and he took points off for that after they gave us a week to get our uniforms(1st-time student)third,he is complaining about my nails and he wrote they need to be trimmed, they are bear bottom.I had acrylics on and it is just residue that will take a while to come off,but they are clean.He took points off. If this keeps happening he is going to request me to be taken out his class . The funny think is I have 3 classes and I am passing them with a A.I think he is so immature and mean. This is my first year. I am scared to ask him questions because he gets angry.He says the information but he goes to quick and it is to much for one period.We have an assistant in the class and she is a lot nicer. Also another classmate mom was in the hospital for kidney failure,and he was on the phone to see if she was ok. He kicked him out of class and sent him home and probably failed him for the day. I understand that you have to be firm, Also I cut my hair for the class, and put it under my hat and he said my hair was still not ok. What should I do?I was thinking about going to his boss and talk to him.

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  • 6 months ago

    Sounds pretty standard to have one teacher out of 4 you don't like...and doesn't like you.

    Speak to the professor privately and ask for instruction on the things for which he is getting upset. For the stuff in class, it might mean you need to study and practice before the next class. However, you should also look up what manner of grooming is appropriate for a higher level kitchen...

    Gave you a week to get your uniform...but then you thought wearing a dress would be cute...this is a job preparation program...for work in a kitchen...dress appropriately. Fake nails...are you freaking kidding me? Everyone working in any commercial kitchen should NEVER have fake nails and polish/residue free nails were 100% in the wrong here. Your hair...should never have been out in the first place. Cap or hairnet from day 1...

    You signed up for a culinary arts program...did you do any research on what to wear or how to present yourself? Had would have had time to remove the residue from your nails.

    All that said...sounds like you are trying and the teacher will notice. They still might think you aren't up to speed, but at least they will see you are trying to get up to snuff with your hygiene/grooming. Its only been 2 weeks. Show you will work hard and can handle the pressure, I bet the teacher comes around by the end of the program. Or, if you cant cut it...perhaps this should be a learning experience...not everyone is cut out for commercial kitchens.

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  • 6 months ago

    Lots of bosses in the culinary world have high expectations.

    Gordon Ramsey doesn't fake it for tv.

    If this is not your style, you should drop the class because it's going to be difficult for you to be successful in the career.

    If you still want this as a career, learn to accept it.

    - NO ONE as in NO ONE wants to potentially get residue from your fake nails or hair in food we eat. Why would you be around food if your nails are in this shape. In your career, you need to have perfect hand hygiene and figure out how to tie your hair up better.

    - Regarding the dress ask in nice way why the dress was inappropriate (unless the dress was inappropriate for the kitchen). Chef Anne Burrell always wears a skirt.

    - It is ALWAYS as in ALWAYS not acceptable to be on the phone in a college classroom. If the class is more than 3 hours without a break, your classmate should have told the professor privately before the class what was going on and that he might get a call or need to make a call.

    Regarding you not understanding the material because the professor goes over it too quickly. Talk to the professor PRIVATELY outside of the class. Don't belly-ache that the teacher is mean or that he goes over material too quickly. Instead tell him that you are very interested in the course material but you are having a hard time grasping the process. Ask how you can get extra tutoring. This is no different than a student in a science class that needs extra help.

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  • CiCi
    Lv 6
    6 months ago

    Have a talk with your advisor about your concerns and they will normally have a talk with the teacher or help you see what you are doing wrong

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    No, don't drop the class. Learn how to follow the rules ..Your professor is there to teach you he's not going to cater to you.

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