In your up-bring, did you and your family all sit down together and play your favourite board-game,and which game was it?

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  • Yavan
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    12 months ago
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    I learned to play chess playing game after game after game with my dad. That's one of my fondest memories.

    I became better than him and quite a decent chess player, actually. I can beat my dad now about 98% of the time. We still play.

    I'm a strong club player with an approximate 1700 rating today. I really caught the bug. I spent endless hours studying the game. After I started beating my dad, I started wanting to beat people who were much stronger than him and I eventually started playing in clubs and national competitions.

    In my life, stable employment wasn't always there… a partner wasn't always there… but chess was always there and I generally agree with Bobby Fischer it is ''An Oasis of Beauty in this world''.

    And my dad will always be my favorite opponent, no matter how many times I can beat him now. And he doesn't mind playing me. I started getting better than him at around 12-13. I had been beaten by him plenty of times before.

    My first teacher.

    He was merciless with me as a child.

    Take that, old man. ;)

  • RICK
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    10 months ago

    We played many board and card games

    My favorites were the trivia type games ven though I was an adult before the came out

    My uncle taught me to play chess, proudest day was th first time I beat him

  • Ann
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    11 months ago

    My father and I used to play Monopoly and Checkers. His family didn't believe in playing cards or dominoes, so we played board games. I also used to play Chinese Checkers with some friends.

  • 12 months ago

    No, we didn't do this. My parents fought a lot and they would go out to parties. Its quite sad I think. But sometimes when I was with my cousins or extended family we would play this board game called mancalla. It has marbles and 12 holes. Search it up

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  • Matt
    Lv 5
    12 months ago

    It changed around mostly due my mother and brother being sore losers to some extent. Monopoly was the main thing we did during rare power outages

  • 12 months ago

    Sure, a few times

    Not wanting to judge people for this i'd guess?

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