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What happens if instead of trying to move forward in space, you just keep ascending?

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    You must move forward at 17500 miles per hour to get into orbit. If you only move up, you will fall back to the ground, unless you move faster than escape velocity of 25000 miles per hour.

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    that has no meaning in absolute terms. What if you try to move one way and always seem to veer off into another direction? I suppose you should learn to compensate and correct for that veering, if you wish to actually get to your intended destination.

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    There is no difference between "forward" and "upward". The "forward" direction is whatever direction you are traveling.

  • 12 months ago

    If space is infinite, is there any difference between forward and upwards. Forward relative to what? Upwards relative to what?

    What if space is not actually infinite but folds back on itself? Assuming anything travelling through it could survive for billions of light years, where is it actually going?

    OK, so I don't really know what I am talking about but it strikes me as an interesting idea.

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    I didn't mean to repeat the questions

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