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I wanted glasses but now I regret it how can I undo my mistake?

Hello I am a teenage girl I wanted to have glasses, braces, and be small since all 3 were really popular and guys like girls like that. My family is already small and I had to get my braces but all I needed was glasses. I got an idea because I saw my sister reading with her prescription glasses so I decided to read in low light level. After doing it everyday for a few months it actually worked and I had to get glasses.

But now I regret doing it because I look weird with my glasses. My glasses impede several activities I do. When I go to sleep all I see is black. I get a lot of earaches. I also feel guilty because of blind people who wish they could see better and I treat my eyes like they're a joke. I can't get contacts because they don't have them at the doctor in my area so that's not an option.

I wish I could take it back and see again. Is there anything to get my vision back? How about laser eye surgery? Is it painful and/or expensive? HELP ME?!?!

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  • Bernd
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    6 months ago

    Reading in low light does not force the need of glasses, I suspect you would have needed them anyway, laser eye surgery is usually not done until a person is in their mid 20s, when the prescription is stable.

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  • Sandy
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    6 months ago

    Can't get contacts because the doctor in your area doesn't have them?

    That's unheard of.

    They should be able to order the contacts from any number of places.

    As for Lasik, you wouldn't be eligible for that until your eyes stop changing, usually in your mid-twenties.

    And no, reading in low light did not cause your vision to change.

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  • 6 months ago

    Sorry but you can't wreck your vision by reading in low light. It's a strain on your eyes, but it's not going to change your vision/prescription.

    So... your vision was already changing.

    Ask any ophthalmologist worth his degree. He will tell you.

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