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What is an acceptable age for a teenage girl to be taller than her mother?

Many girls I know where done growing in height in the first half of their teenage decade. Unfortunately, many of them were barely above the 5 foot line.

Of the ones that are closer to 6 than 5 feet, what age do they usually grow taller than their moms?

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    There is no "acceptable" age for a girl to be taller than her mother. It is acceptable for a girl to be taller or less tall than her mother regardless of her age. It is not "unfortunate" that many women are not much more than five foot tall. Some women are less than five foot tall and that also is not "unfortunate." A person's height does not determine their worth in any way. The average height for a woman is around 5'4", so it is inevitable that not so many girls will be closer to 6 foot than 5. Since height is genetically determined it is also by no means assured that girls will grow taller than their mothers at all. Many will be the same height or less. The chance of a girl growing taller than her mother is increased if her father is taller in relation to other men than her mother is in relation to other women. If a girl is going to grow taller than her mother it is likely to happen from some time during her growth spurt to when she completely stops growing. Typically 12 to 16.

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  • Snezzy
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    Who's supposed to be doing the accepting? What are we to do with the unacceptable ones?

    "Fie! Begone! Yer too tall! Yer've some nerve. Shrink yerself back to an acceptable size!"

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    I'm not sure why it has to be "acceptable" to be taller than your mother. We grow when we grow and our height is determined by genetics.

    There is no particular age where a girl is going to grow taller than her mother. There might be an age range, though. My granddaughter was taller than her mother before she was 14. My other granddaughter will never be taller than her mother.

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  • 6 months ago

    There is no “acceptable” age. Do you mean average? I was taller than my mom at 13; I grew 6 inches that year.

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