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What would a more advanced society look like?

Hey guys!:) this is for my history project, I am making my own country/map with any theme. This may sound kinda lame, but I want my country to be a more advanced society than this one. As in advanced society, advanced government, advanced laws, etc. I’m just not sure where to start, because I’m not really sure what an advanced society would look like. Any ideas?

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    To at least attempt to project future you may draw from:

    past parallels (good for city structure and public transport),

    current forth looking technology (existing operational prototypes solving present issues or theoretical but feasible solutions - ex.: we will eventually have to move off world in some manner be it space farming or outright colonization of extraterrestrial bodies, basically just look up "Issac Arthur" for his take on realistically possible things in that department)

    i would not stray past existing technology however.

    As for how to approach it - figure out how to make a basis for your city (infrastructure, industrial, urban areas), figure out how it will connect to neighboring cities / rest of the country and ofc how its resupplied. than try to logically build things in ways on these basis.

    Governing would have to follow the technology so its alright to have to be little behind. Basics for this would be either society in the country will go towards more liberties or more restrictive structure. Alas most western countries are going restrictive. Once you have governing in place you can build down, alternatively build up to government from people's jobs.

    hope any of this helps.

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  • Zirp
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    there would be no billionnaires

    there would be no involuntary homeless

    it would consist of "walkable cities", so people wouldn't need a car on a daily basis.

    there would be no advertisement-industry (so no spam either), just guilds

    Jobs would be 20 hours a week, or 1000 hours a year.

    only nymphomaniacs would go into prostitution

    Internationally, there would be one lingua franca - one that does not belong to some specific countries or ethnicities (esperanto or something even better)

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    I have imagined a country where houses are built around a place of employment, like a factory or a large farm, and people live close to their jobs instead of coming from miles away. I think that would reduce a lot of traffic congestion. That would not work for some types of business but basically I think it would be an improvement. An improvement in government would be banning of lobbying and career politicians. Legislators should not be allowed to set their own salary.

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    Depends on your starting point. Do you believe it's the individual that makes society, or the society that makes the individual? That'll determine a lot of your laws, government, economics, etc. In basic terms, the logical extensions to these are either a libertarian capitalist society that values the individual with relatively no government, or a collectivist Communist society that values the community and everyone must be the same, whether or not they put lots of work or no work in. Are you an elitist who thinks certain groups of society can't fend for themselves? Do you believe in the inherent goodness of man? I suggest reading works by political authors like Hobbes, Locke, Algernon Sidney, Thomas More, and Cicero.

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  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    probably robots doing all the work instead of people

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  • Cyrus
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    An advanced society would be a society that has cultural approved in its technology and its agriculture decades beyond its time. Any show or movie you watch that displays the future would be considered an advance society if they were created today. As far as an advance government/laws are concerned, the advancement of laws are subjective (because determining its merits is based on the citizens perspectives), however the improvement of laws can be determined by the amount of traumatic changes made as a result of a law being approved. For ex: There has been a traumatic change in 2015 when gay marriage was approved everywhere, some would consider that an advancement of government, and others would consider it an economic decline. To make things simpler, and advancement of government/law is whatever you would do if you had the power to govern yourself.

    Hope I Helped ^_^

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    There should have no wars, or conflicts as such.

    They may well have lives-of-relative- leisure as A.I. would be working the factories for them.

    I would assume that in their SMALL societies they would select any citizen to be a politician

    for 10years..whereupon fresh random computers would select another few hundred (not certain

    convicted felons!).

    Goes without sayin that weapons in general society would be unavailable, Army duties would

    alternate between defence of their Planet (Training mainly..) & civil Emergency assistance

    Training & action.

    Guessin probably many citizens "employed" in outward looking searches for meteors & asteroids

    on a direct path for their planet/s home position + messaging any other possible detected or not

    Other Civilisations (advanced or not).

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