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Which is grammatically correct? Lots have evolved OR Lots has evolved?

I know that lots is very informal and I only use it in spoken English. But which is correct or equal to A lot has evolved?

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    "lots have." You could alternatively use "A lot" and say "a lot has evolved." It just sounds a bit more natural.

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  • 6 months ago

    "Lots" is considered to be plural, so you would use "have" and not "has." "Has" is only used when the noun is singular.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    No one has ever evolved.

    We were programmed to believe a lie.

    It was easy to believe, because we have prehistoric evidence of it staring us in the face: I mean, we have the dinosaurs, right?

    This may change your mind (or not... depending on what you WANT to believe):

    The word 'dinosaur' came from two Greek words that mean 'terrible lizard': a word made up in the 1800s to describe reptile fossils.

    The word 'fossil' is from the French for 'dug up'.

    Under the forces of extreme pressure, everything that was engulfed in mud during the world-wide flood turned into stone.

    For about a year and a half minerals permiated plant and animal tissue. The mud also became stone as it compressed under the weight of billions of tons of water.

    - Stone cannot be dated.

    - Once around the sun is a year: you cannot hold up a rock and decide how many times it has been around the sun.

    *When a fish dies, it rots or gets eaten.*

    It does NOT turn into a fossil.

    But there are fish fossils everywhere on the planet (even on the tops of mountains).

    Every fossil in the world is the result of the world wide flood. Period.

    *Before the flood everything lived ten times longer*

    that's why






    and reptiles grew huge.

    I used to work with reptiles: among many things I learned about them was that they NEVER stop growing as long as they live.

    Pre-flood the air had 50% more oxygen in it.

    Hyper-oxygenated air; the world was like a hyperbaric chamber, everything lived longer because of the air quality.

    We know this because we have air samples from before the flood; extracted from bubbles trapped in fossilized sap (amber).

    Adam lived until he was 930. Noah was 600 when he built the Ark (Google Noah's Ark Turkey - a tourist attraction since the 1970's A.D.).

    Believing in lies about evolution makes you guilty of making God out to be a liar. This is slander against the Most High: spiritual treason.

    You've heard of bacteria 'evolving'?

    No such thing: simply, the hardier bacteria were never killed off by the antibiotic in the first place. The weaker bacteria were. All that's left is 'resistant' bacteria. They were never subject to antibiotics to begin with. They never 'evolved'.

    Want to see evolution?

    If God wants to raise children for Abraham from the stones He can do it.

    He doesn't need any of us.

    He can change what is in the blink of an eye.... He doesn't need millenia.

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      My question was related to English Grammar. Good Job!!! Excellent Comprehension skills

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  • 6 months ago

    Lots have evolved. A lot has evolved.

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  • geezer
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    6 months ago

    LOTS is plural .. so you would use HAVE.

    HAS is singular.

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  • David
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    6 months ago

    Lots is plural and so 'have' is used.

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  • Murzy
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    have .

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  • 6 months ago

    The correct way would be: "Lots have evolved"

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  • 6 months ago

    Evidently "lots have evolved".

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  • 6 months ago

    I find 'Lots has evolved' clumsy. even if it is a less formal version of 'A Lot has evolved'. Which for me, is more correct. In other words, I'd not use either.

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