I'm really worried about my mum, can anyone help?

right from a boy, ive always been very close to my mum, she overprotected me and kept me close throughout life....i am a man who has coped with severe mental health problems from a young age, ive had a hard life with many traumas, and problems and missed out on a lot, including having relationships, never had a female partner.

i have lived alone in a council flat/apartment since 2005, my mum has been my main support.......but just lately ive been going through a hellish time with my mental health, hell with my constant anxious thoughts and worries....and had a bit of a health worry, as i acquired type 2 diabetes years ago....and when i go through hell like this, because my mum talks me through it each day, and is closest to me in life, she goes through hell with me....shes elderly now and lives far from me in a bungalow...days ago i was talking to my mum about my obsessive worries on the phone, ive been in a real state for weeks now, and it finally took its toll on my beloved mum and she became emotional on the phone....& stupidly, selfishly, i hung up on her...and now, she hasn't phoned me for days? she usually phones me 4 times a day, every day, we are that close....and now im in a dark place, alone in my flat, worrying about her and feeling guilty for what i did, for sulking and my selfish inconsiderate action.

i'm frightened to phone her, because im scared to discover how my actions would of affected her? & how upset she might be?


i'm now aged 41 and my mum has always done her best to talk me through my dark phases, shes acted like a therapist to me in a situation when the mental health services have let me down..how can i forgive myself? and im worried how my mum is now?

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago
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    Sorry to hear for all you have gone through, but please, don't beat yourself up. Having mental health challenges is not easy. And sounds like you only have your mum to fall back on. Are you worried about her welfare? Can you get someone to check in on her? She may be upset with you, also, but it's not the end. Maybe send her some flowers with an apology or a card? I would suggest that you seek counselling with a therapist or counseller. True, your mum cannot bear all of your problems. She is your mum and she loves you, but you need a qualified counseller/therapist. I am not sure which country you are in(you've mentioned mum?) If you are in Australia, you can get a health care plan from your dr to see a counseller. The best thing to do is apologise to your mum. Your relationship will improve once you seek help elsewhere. You are still young. 41 is not old and it's not too late for you to find a partner. Mental health challenges can be difficult, but don't rob yourself of friendships or love. You sound like a nice person and I wish you well..

  • Pearl
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    12 months ago

    you could try apologizing

  • mel
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    12 months ago

    Don't waste anymore time, phone your mum, check she is okay , then go and see your doctor, you need professional therapy that your doctor can arrange. your mum has always done the best for you now is the time for you to do the best for yourself.

  • 12 months ago

    Just call her and apologise.

    And get some therapy so that you don't have to rely on your mother 100% for all your emotional issues.

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