Which UC University is good for my son a senior to apply to that is not too hard to get in? We live in Orange County.?

He has to decide 4 UC University to apply to by November. They say not to apply to too many UC Universities. No more than 4. Thinking of economics major.

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  • 6 months ago

    What are his GPA & test scores? Other qualifications to apply for admission? Even the "least competitive" UC schools can be very competitive!

    Your son needs to do his homework! He should have completed his research into universities over the past year and should, by now, have selected 5-10 universities (not more than 4 UCs) to apply to where he has reason to believe he can be accepted. It takes seconds to do a google-search to find the UCs with the lowest standards - and he did not do that. Has he studied schools' websites thoroughly, read student reviews, investigated statistics for previously accepted students, etc? If he cannot or will not do all this, he's not ready for college. Such basic online research skills are expected by age 12-14.

    If he's looking for UCs "not too hard to get in," he probably is not UC material. But if he seriously wants a degree in economics, he needs to go to a better school than the very mediocre CSUs.

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  • drip
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    6 months ago

    He can easily be doing this research himself. There are only nine UC schools. He can do a quick search online


    He can also look into CSU schools, which are public state universities

    Some of which are going to be easier to get into


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  • 6 months ago

    The easiest UCs to be accepted to are:

    -Riverside [3.69 - 4.11 average high school GPA, weighted; 21 - 29 average ACT score, composite];

    -Merced [3.45 - 4.00 GPA; 18 - 25 ACT]; and

    -Santa Cruz [3.76 - 4.16 GPA; 24 - 30 ACT].

    I'm not certain that UCs give preference to local applicants, but in case I'm wrong (and he really should be talking to his high school college guidance counselor about this stuff), his local UC would be Irvine. That's one of the more competitive UCs, however, with a 4.00 - 4.25 average high school GPA, and a 24 - 31 average ACT score].

    CSUs definitely give priority to local applicants, so he should apply to Cal State Fullerton.

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  • 6 months ago

    University of California University????

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  • 6 months ago

    ECU is great! Notre Dame is OK too

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