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Advice Makeup makeover girly for guy?

I am a 23 year old guy And I would like some advice for a girly makeover

I have a substantial amount of body hair all over that will have to go. Wax, shave, laser???

I currently have a short hairstyle (slightly thinning dark brown hair), about an inch all around and not sure if it can look feminine or if I would have to shave it and get a wig? What do you think?

If you were to give me a makeover, what should I do about hair, nails, makeup, clothes, eyebrows, how many piercings (ears, navel, etc?), etc? Give me some pics and/or ideas?

What color and how long should my nails be?


Also, where is a good place to get this done

PS there is nothing too extreme, give me ideas :)

Please provide some good makeup styles and pics of eyebrows? How thin and arched is best?

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    Another BS post from him.

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