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Possibly hairball or cold in my cat?

I was trying to get a stain off a shirt with bleach and I left a little in a cup. I was using a childrens syringe. I forgot about it, and an hour later I noticed my cats fur was wet. I went to dry her off and noticed immediately it was bleach just by the smell. Obviously it wasn't much probably an inch size on her fur. I don't see her licking that up, because of it tasting bad to her, but I decided to give her a bath real and didn't think nothing else of it. After the bath, she spent a good hour probaly hour and a half licking her fur. Right before we all went to bed while she was still licking her fur, I noticed her hacking a little. I didn't think nothing of it again, because it hasn't been the first time shes hacked. Well when she went to sleep she was snoring really loud. (She never has snored before.) And this morning we woke up and she was wheezing a little while she breathes, hacking on and off randomly. My first thought was a hairball, or she possibly got a cold. If the bleach had bothered her, something would of happened by now I'm assuming. It's been way over 12 hours, closer to 24 honestly.

I cannot afford to take her to the vet until pay day because they have office visit pays that are due that same day. So, my question is, what does it sound like is wrong? Is there any home remedies that will help her with either or? I contacted her Vet and they told me to just keep an eye on her and keep her in a warmer room incase it is a cold.


I meant to add in, that my son spilled a little bleach on the cat.

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    Try giving her some tuna water. I had a cat that had a BAD reaction to flea treatment (she licked it somehow). The person at the poison number said to feed her tuna water. I did and within 15 minutes she was so much better. She survived that and was a great cat.

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  • 6 months ago

    i would just ask the vet about it

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  • 6 months ago

    Why are groups warning about stray cats? I've been around stray cats all my life and never been attacked by one. Stray dogs are definitely more aggressive, especially when they go into their "prey drive" mode in night time with their packs. They chase cars and bikes all the time, and many unfortunately die sometimes. But what has 100% worked for me when a dog/dogs is chasing you is to stand your ground, they are looking for prey and when they see you not acting like one they will run the **** away fast.

    Whatever you do, never ever run from a stray dog that is chasing you. It will catch up and reinforces its prey drive..

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