Mozzarella sticks in my lungs?

About a month ago I left a mozzarella stick on top of my retainer. don't ask why, it was just on the counter and it happened that way so no i will not be answering further questions about that.

Well, I finally cleaned out the retainer couple days ago to wear it but I think i can feel something chunky and abrasive in my lung it's most likely a particle from the fishstick I was just wondering what kind of damage there can be. Like isn't the pH level of the fish stick going to counteract with my lung chemicals to cause unhealth. Anyway please respond at my earliest convenience for me thanks!

3 Answers

  • 12 months ago

    That isn't how it works, but it does qualify as a really amateur trolling attempt.

  • edward
    Lv 7
    12 months ago

    There are no chemicals in your lungs. There is nothing to counteract in there.

  • Pippin
    Lv 7
    12 months ago

    So the mozzarella stick morphed into a fish stick? That's interesting.

    If you had inhaled a chunk of ANYTHING you would have been coughing uncontrollably for hours.

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