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My MOM won’t let me join the Marine Corps! Help please?

I just turned 17 years old a few days ago, and been very interested in the military life for a few years. Yesterday I talked to a real cool recruiter on the phone and I asked what the age limits were. He said between 17-28, and beyond those ages require a waiver. I told him my age and I said I’m healthy, passionate, very physically qualified, and ready to join. He told me being 17 requires your parent or guardian’s consent.

I was real excited and told my mom how much it means to me to serve and how much I want this. She was horrified and said stuff like I’ll never become a Marine, it’s too dangerous, they’ll use me as a pawn, they’ll screw me over I’ll regret it, etc. I begged her for hours to please allow her consent and she REFUSED. She isn’t budging.

Do you think she’ll come around and eventually give consent? She’s all I have and I don’t have a father. It really means the world to me to serve and be a Marine, it’s an honorable field that I’d be forever privileged and honored to be in. I hate to wait another whole year and enlist when I’m 18, but I guess I’m willing to wait if worst comes to worst. Is there anything I can say or do to convince my mom to let me join while I’m 17?

Any advice and insight would be appreciated! Semper Fi!

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    You can wait until you are 18. Spend that year learning a bit more about being an adult and having experiences that you can enjoy now.

    I had a brother who was a marine during the vietnam war. He went in at 18 spent 2 tours in vietnam and experienced things that scared him for life.

    There will always be wars, don't be so eager to experience a war first hand.

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    Ir you really want to be a Marine. The best things you can do is wait until you are 20 years old. that gives you 3 years to get ready. Continue your education, Get as physically fit as you possibly can. Running everyday at least 3 miles. Push ups, Sit ups, Squat thrust, The more fit you are the better. The Marine Corps Boot Camp is something you can never understand until you have gone through it. It is and will probably be the most terrible thing you will ever have to endure in a lifetime. But once completed, something of pride and satisfaction that is hard to compare to anything else. It's a very tough place to survive and you are against the odds of making it at 17 years old. Many have, but it was a lot tougher at 17 than at 20 and physically fit and 3 years more mature. If you are truly wanting to be a U.S. Marine make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. No one really does. But the Marine Corps is a Brotherhood like no other. And if you survive what you are called to do you will be a Honorable Member of this Brotherhood for the rest of your life and no one can take that away from you. Until then listen to your Mom.

    Old Corps Corporal, Semper Fidelis

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    ask her if the army woud be ok as a alterativ.i retired army 4 years ago. be sure your girlfriend is onboard with you or she will get pregnant to keep you.around. who says women don't have power?enjoy your life as a young healthy person. keep far away from hoooligans and anyall drugds..oh man its just weed unless the dealer laced it with crack to keep business going.

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    Get some community college units and wait until you are 18.

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    Your MOM doesn't want the Marines to become your mother.

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    Put this time to good use:

    1. push-ups, sit ups, & running

    2. Mop & Broom

    3. Raking gravel

    You will be an honor graduate!

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    Whether you enlist now or wait until you're 18, you should be in top physical condition.

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    being 17 is NOT the only requirement.

    You also need to have graduated HS and have 15 college credits.

    this is the part where you claim to have already done all that, too. and since you justttttttttt turned 17........that means you did all that at 16.

    Who the hell graduates High school at 16?

    Troll fail.

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    You also have to be a high school graduate.

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    So you talked to a recruiter and didn't ask a single thing about what you have to do to get signed up. Was your mom going to teach you?

    You need to call the recruiter and see what YOU have to do to get signed up. Once you do that, you will see that you actually have to have a diploma, and under 18 is parental consent. So, since you didn't so any of that, you are not ready.

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