How do doctors/hospital staff determine this?

The mind boggles at times when you hear of a woman having double mastectomy & being sent home the same day because there were no beds. Her Dr. told her she'd be in hospital 2-3 days. A neighbor of mine had laryngoscopy & a cyst removed from her throat, this morning yet she was being kept overnight. I'm having shoulder replacement within the next few months & I'm told I'll be released the next day!!! Go figure..I'll be in hospital the same length of time as my neighbor & my surgery is much more complex.

How is it decided who goes home the same day, who goes home the next day, or who stays a few days?

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  • 6 months ago
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    A lot of people in overall good health, with an appropriate place to go, leave soon after their procedures. In general, home is much cleaner and a better place to recover.

    People might be unexpectedly hospitalized for complications, unstable vital signs, uncontrolled pain, equipment or home care needed that haven't been finalized, patient or family request, etc.

    Most people who are unexpectedly hospitalized seem to go home the following day.

  • 6 months ago

    Hospitals are for sick people. It depends in who may be in need of immediate life saving intervention.

    If you can take care if yourself and your life isn't in danger, why stay for several nights when someone who is actually dying or in danger could be sleeping in that bed..? If you're not sick, why stay at a hospital..? What would be the point...?

    Shoulder surgery can be complex, yes. But it's highly unlikely to kill people.

    And you're much more likely to get a deadly infection in a hospital. Your risk of injury from leaving is much less than the risks of staying.

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  • wings
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    6 months ago

    I understand that home is much cleaner & a better place to recover, IF there's someone in the home besides the patient who has just gone through a good piece of surgery. I fail to understand why a person who has laryngoscopy & a cyst removed from the throat would be in hospital the same length of time as someone having shoulder replacement.

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