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I’m a freshmen, I’m taking basic classes right now and it’s the 2nd day of classes. If I change my major, will it change my schedule?

I’m going from radiology to psychology

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    You would have to compare the requirements of the two programs. You can keep taking your current courses with your current schedule as long as those courses count toward your psychology degree. Otherwise there's no point and you'll have to drop the courses that don't apply to your psychology degree and register for some that do.

    Be careful as dropping courses can affect your financial aid if you're receiving any. If you drop below full time status you might have to pay some back. If you drop below part time status you might lose it entirely and go into repayment status. If you withdraw from a course within the refund period they simply wipe it out as if it never existed and it doesn't show up on your transcript. If you withdraw from a course outside of the refund period you'll get a 'W' grade. This also affects financial aid as you're required to pass a certain percentage of the courses you attempt. A 'W' grade counts as a course attempted but not passed.

    If they're just gen-ed courses you should be fairly safe but you should still compare the programs just to be sure. Ask your academic advisor if they have a list of degree requirements for each of the two programs so you can compare them. Check the list of psychology requirements he gives you. If the courses you're taking now aren't on there they don't count toward your degree program and you need to take some quick evasive actions to avoid taking classes that won't apply toward your degree and to avoid 'W' grades. See your academic advisor immediately if this is the case! This is all a game and you gotta learn how to play the game before you can win it. You must drop the courses that don't apply within the refund period and, if the course registration period has closed, you'll need to have your academic advisor register you into a course that has already started but will apply toward your degree. Thankfully, you're only 2 days into it so you probably didn't miss much.

    You should meet with your academic advisor at least once per year, if not more, to make sure you're completing your requirements and you're on track to earn your degree. They can also help answer any questions you might have about which elective courses you should be taking, etc. When they give you an option to choose an elective course it's not always clear exactly which ones will apply.

  • 12 months ago

    No. Basic classes are taken by everyone. In the future your classes will change.

  • 12 months ago

    What did the counselor in the admissions office tell you when you asked them. Its their job to know this stuff. If you didnt ask them then you havent done your homework and arent using the resources available to you. Big mistake common to freshmen. Usually everyone takes the same basic courses the first year.

    So I doubt if your schedule will change. but what is preventing you from finding out? And if you wander around asking strangers or other freshmen what you should do it means you are looking for replacements for your parents kid. You are the authority figure now. You must figure things out on your own. Give yourself permission to not know all the answers at once.

  • 12 months ago

    Majoring in psychology, rather than radiologic technology (or "radiography"), for instance, may change one's schedule. However, psychology classes may be offered at more times during the day, rather than rad tech.

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  • MS
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    12 months ago

    If you are currently taking general education classes that you need for any major, then your schedule wouldn't need to change. Those classes will apply toward your degree requirements no matter what; it sounds like that's the case, but we can't know that for sure - you'd have to check that yourself. They would probably discourage you from changing your current courses anyway, because it's a pain to make big changes once classes have started.

  • Pearl
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    12 months ago

    i would ask someone at your school this question

  • Stella
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    12 months ago

    It sounds like you're not dropping or adding classes so your schedule for this semester won't change.

    Next semester you would have a different schedule no matter what your major.

    Make a point to register for classes early so you can have the kind of schedule that you prefer. If you wait too long the best times will be filled.

  • 12 months ago

    Considering your classes make up your schedule, then obviously the answer is yes. They may or may not fall into the same time slots, but your schedule will be different as you'll be going to different classes. (College, you say? Hmmmm.)

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