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My friend broke my nose while he was drunk and he's not even sorry?

Needed surgery and just found out I have permanent damage to senses. I'm so mad but I'm being told to let it go and move on. He's never even apologized and it makes me so irritated. What would you do?

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  • k w
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    5 months ago

    you can't beat common sense into a knucklehead, just ignore him from now on, find someone else to hang out with or whatever, it'd be a waste of time.....AND you throw the term FRIEND around rather loosely, he seems more like an aquaintence......not a friend at all

    • Ryan5 months agoReport

      I hear ya. Sadly, he was my best friend for years, but now I just can't stand to be around him. Glad someone else understands why I'm mad. Was starting to think i was going crazy. Thank you for the advice

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  • 5 months ago

    Well, who is telling you to let go and move on? Not him surely? Why would anyone listen to foolish advice. If this is true and you've been assaulted, and needed surgery, report it to the police. And, if you have uninsured losses, sue him.

    • Ryan5 months agoReport

      Thank you. I feel like everyone is making me out to be the villain since I won't let it go. Glad I'm not crazy. Just really disappointing to see how people treat you after something like this

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