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What is Winbooterr? (Svchost.exe *32)?

I noticed that my computer is running slowly recently. Checked task manager and saw Svchost.exe *32. The *32 was pretty odd. So I opened file location and it opened up to a folder named Winbooterr located in AppData\Roaming. If I go back to Roaming the folder is not shown, but is still present. The folder seemed empty, but when viewing the properties for it I noticed two things.

1 File(s). 0 Folders

Creation date: ‎Friday, ‎June ‎30, ‎2006, ‏‎4:58:04 AM.

I did a PC scan on Avast and it detected it, and now it's prompting me to restart my computer to contain it.

I don't know if its a trojan or spyware tool but if it were the creator would not have control over my computer anymore due to the creation date? I don't know if Avast will fix the problem, but I'm seeking some answers on Svchost.exe *32, Winbooterr and other related information.


Edit: Thanks Avast! File is removed

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    The *32 just means it's a 32-bit process running on 64-bit WIndows, it's not that odd depending on what you have installed.

    The fact that it's loaded as system service from the AppData folder that's more concerning, and I'm not surprised it turned out to be a virus. AppData belongs to the logged in user, while system stuff should be in the normal application places (Windows, Program Files, ProgramData, etc.)

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