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Have you ever gone travelling around the world? Some advice & tips please.?

I am planning to go to Portugal Spain and then to Turkey from London (where I live). I am planning to spend one week in each country. But what I wanna know is how do I book flights for each country? Because I wanna go to Portugal Lisbon first and then go to Madrid, Spain and then from there go to Istanbul, Turkey.

So how do I book a flight ticket for each place?

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    Book the ticket as a multi-city trip in the order you want starting and ending in London. Alternately, you can book a series of one way tickets starting in the city you're in at the time and ending at your next destination.

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    Go with Ms Cappuccino's reply.... That's the best one.

    I am surprised that you are willing to travel this extensively,

    but never thought of a travel agent to do the slog work for you: Spain, Portugal for a week.

    Then London /Turkey for a week. (shame about Turkey, though. Try and extend that.

    The Hagia Sophia Church and other places will demand more time than that. You will barely see anything worth seeing in a rushed week.)

    I wish you a very happy trip.

    Or, you could look into a package tour starting from London,

    and bringing you back.

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    Yes , I over 40 countries, and many of them multiple times apiece, to various cities and regions.

    Always pack half as many clothes, and bring twice as much money.

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    No I haven't actually. Only places in this country (UK). I'm not what you might call a jet setter type.

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    I have not traveled around the world.

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    You can book on your own, or contact a travel agency who can best assist you. Best to convert your currency prior to the trip to avoid fees. Rick Steeves has great travel books you could obtain at the library, or purchase. His lodging and sightseeing, safety, food, etc., suggestions are excellent, and on point.

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    Please go and talk to a professional travel agent. They will help you with everything.

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