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Does Africa even exist or is just made up by charity companies?

I'm pretty sure they are just picking up kids from the ghetto or something and saying they are African and don't have water to manipulate us into donating money to them.

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    Africa is a lie. A lie designed to keep us trapped in the round earth rubbish because if you actually travel there the lies will collapse. that's why they tell us it's so hot and their's desert. how come no planes fly over their in Africa??? what are the illuminati hiding their? wake up and think with ur own head

  • John
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    12 months ago

    Only one way to find out.

  • Cyrus
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    12 months ago

    Africa does exist, I was born there and I've visited there a couple of times. I've once had an argument with someone online who claimed that I was never in Africa, and that the country I was taken to was just called Africa to fool me. I told him that even if the intent was to fool me, the place I visited every time that took 15 hour plane ride from North America to get to calls itself Africa, and a countries name is based on the powers that reside there. If Africa was fake, it would take a god to be able to hide the billions of people that live in that one continent away from the continent next to it, because if it isn't Africa, then it has to either be an unnamed continent, or a European continent.

    Your question is very interesting, one might wonder if it was intended to be a dumb question lol, but it was fun answering it.

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    Africa is the second largest of the continents, one fifth again as large as the whole of North America from Panama to Greenland. Africa has 54 countries and 1.3 billion people compared with North America's 23 countries and 590 million people.

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    i have long believed that there is a secret breeding program run by the charity's to produce black kid's with huge eyes so they look extra appealing to white donors.

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