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Herpes of the eye?

Yesterday i was talking to a car saleperson who had a red cold sore in the middle of their lip. We werent standing in front of each other we were kind of side by side but while he was talking i felt something wet fly into my eye. I assumed it was spit but earlier he turned the wind shield wipers on to wipe off bird poop and dirt and right before i felt whatever it was go in my eye he had slammed the car door. I wrote it off cause i thought it was no way if we werent standing directly in front of each other could he have spit while talking and it just so happened to land in my eye and shouldnt it travel downwards unless the wind is blowing. Anyways today i started to get uneasy because i’ve had a headache and now my eye is irritated/itchy and a part of it is pink plus i woke up with a little bit of clear but thick fluid in my eye. Is there a chance i could have gotten herpes from him? im not sure whether to wait it out, visit an eye doctor, and see my pcp for testing

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    you dont need testing, but you can get your eye examined by an eye doc, herpes is very obvious on exam, doesnt sound like it however.

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