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I slept with my brother's fiance, what now?

She's his ex fiancee now. He broke it off in mid May because she cheated. Then weeks later, he finds out the other guy was really me.

I've been elsewhere since. I got the news he found out while he was still at work. That's when I relocated. I don't know what to do now. I can't even look him nor my parents in the eyes. So what am I gonna do? Are we gonna eventually be on speaking terms again? Any way to fix this?

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    You were in the wrong. You knew it when you did it and so did she. Who told him? Her? To punish him a bit more? A so-called 'friend'? You need to grovel to your brother BIGTIME. You have committed one of the most awful things against your own brother. Bad enough if he was your best friend - but you have involved the whole family in this sorry affair now. She'll go off and get another chump, your brother will get another girlfriend and so will you - but everyone now knows just what a s*** you were and he may make it up with you but will probably never trust you again.

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    Wow. You sunk pretty low on that one. You could start with a very sincere apology and an admission how abysmal your behavior was/is. And he may still need a lot of time to over this.

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